Talaria Sting MX3


Here’s the little brother of the Talaria Sting R MX4 at a rare price. The ideal bike for those who want to spend less without compromising quality. For slightly less performance, this bike is incredibly affordable.

The Talaria Sting MX3 now includes a transfer case (Gearbox), a wider rear wheel, real-time adjustable motor regen, an improved battery connector, and stronger headset bearings, to name a few new features. The latest upgrade, and highlights of the Talaria Sting MX3 include:

  • Larger battery offers a better range (38.4 AH).
  • Upgraded padding to hold the battery tighter.
  • Fast charging time (3 hours).
  • Improved battery connector.
  • Stronger frame & swing arm
  • Foot peg support brace
  • New shock design with a flatter seat angle
  • Graphic kit included (not installed)
  • The gearbox provides silent and reliable power transmission (no belt to change)
  • Regenerative Braking (which can be adjusted easily on the display for optimum performances)
  • DNM, Talaria Factory, & Fastace MX Fork (oil and spring with compression and rebound adjustment)

These qualities make the Talaria Sting MX3 an excellent off-road bike for more individuals to experience the excitement and enthusiasm of off-road riding expeditions.

Front Fork (Front Suspension)

DNW Fork, Fastace Fork, Factory Fork


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